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Millicent Community Church began in 1982 when a group of people from Millicent, Beachport and Tantanoola, wanted to hold Church services in Millicent instead of travelling to Mt Gambier every week for worship.

To help get this group underway Dean Eaton; was appointed by the Mt Gambier Church to oversee the formation of this new group.  The first official meeting was held in the supper room of the Millicent Civic and Arts Centre and it was here that the Millicent Assemblies of God Church was born.

Ps Morrie Thompson became the First Senior Pastor of Millicent Assemblies of God which by then, had moved to the old Millicent Cheese Factory (now  demolished).  

In the mid eighties, the Millicent congregation purchased the Mt Burr Chapel from the South Australian branch of the Uniting Church Synod in the town of Mt Burr.

By 1988 Ps Morrie Thompson had moved on to pursue other challenges.  Paul Hales was appointed as the senior Pastor of Millicent / Mt Burr Assemblies of God.

 In 1994 both the Penola and Mt Burr congregations came under one covering to form a "Regional Church operating from two locations."

   During the summer of 1995 / 96 the the two congregations became known as;


In 2006 with the retirement of Ps Paul Hales; Adriano Petraccaro was appointed as the new Pastor of the Millicent and Penola congregations having previously served as an Associate Pastor in Adelaide  

In 2007 the Church sold the Mt Burr chapel and the Millicent congregation were now meeting every week in Millicent.  The church was renamed as; SOUTHERN FIRE COMMUNITY CHURCH.

 By late 2009 the Penola congregation was released to become a separate identity from Southern Fire Community Church.  Richard Kerr was appointed as the Leader and the congregation renamed itself as the Penola Family Church.

In March 2011 Southern Fire Community Church purchased the Millicent CWA Hall and settled into its own building within the town

In December 2015 The members voted to change the name to MILLICENT COMMUNITY CHURCH
The process now begins in working towards improving the building to suit the needs of the fellowship into the future, as well as, growing its witness and influence within the community and world.


Millicent Community Church services are centered around modern and vibrant worship that encourages people to draw closer to God to allow his love and presence to touch their hearts.


Millicent Community Churches call is to continually be a witness in the township of Millicent as well as to the towns within the Wattle Range Area, South East district, Australia and the world; proclaiming the life giving message of Jesus Christ



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